Since ten years Garcia also organises the Zarata Festival, which is an annual event in his
hometown Bilbao. And ten years means a celebration, and this comes in the form of an almost
square shaped book (17x17 cm), hard cover, and some 250 pages. Garcia could have chosen
for a more documentary styled book, saying who's who on the pictures, which is responsible for
the many drawings that are scattered around in this book and perhaps an effort to translate the
various texts into English. Now, it is impossible to comment on these texts and about the many
pictures and drawings, I can say, 'yeah, lots of people use a laptop it seems, but there is also
some saxophones, cellos and traditional line-ups to be spotted'. Or one could listen to the
compilation CD in the mean time and try to find out if you can spot say Agnes Pe (who has a
DJ duty for many years; all posters are included), Murayama, Garcai himself, Tzesne, Clara de
Asis, Oier Iruretagoiena, Kakofunk Ensemble, Loty Negarty, The Tune 3.0 (with Ilia Belorukov)
or Ferran Fages is; I choose names of people of whom we reviewed music before. There are no
less than twenty pieces on this loaded CD and there is lots of new names to be found here (a=b,
Baba Ilaga, Dario Moratilla, Arruti Column, Grumos Lalai, Enxamio de Carneiro, Al Karpenter, Itziar
Okariz, Bazterrak & Tzesne, Inazio Escudero, Elbis Rever, Orbain Unit, Magmadam) with lots of
different styles, even when computers and noise seem to be in majority here, it is not as heavy
as one would perhaps expect. While perhaps not the most explaining of documentations, there
colourful chaos was well received. (FdW)


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