Djitter No cue Winter Mix 2

a r t i s t : DJitter
t i t l e : No Cue Winter Mix 2 (Cimaural Podcast 01)
d a t e : 2010
g e n r e : Mixes
r l s. d a t e : feb 2010
b i t r a t e : 320
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Aethenor-untitled from "Faking Gold And Murder"

Thomas koner-30_3_n_31_14_e_(hour_eight) from "La Barca"

Ora- The Sun sheds a golden tear From Morgendammerung

Shail- Pattern 03 from patterns

Evan Parker + Electro-Acoustic -Chain of Chance from Towards the Margins

Lionel Marchetti- Portrait d' un Glacier (Alpes, 2173m) from Portrait d' un Glacier

Yannick Dauby-glasshouse from glasshouse

Stephan Mathieu & Taylor Deupree- Solitude form Transcriptions

Aer- Speakers verseion from Proyect

Hugh davies- Natural images from Tapestries

Tetuzi_akiyama & Toshimaru_nakamura-semimpressionism_02 from Semimpressionism

Joe Colley- Transformation from Project for and Lp

Taylor Deupree- Worn_(still_mix) from Weather & Worn

Mika Vainio- In a frosted lake from Aineen Musta Puhelin

Coeval- Ya lo has grabao from Distante II

Robert Hampson-umbra from Vectors

MarcNamblard-Ermine-1 from Ermine

Cormac Faulkner-Vortgeist from Birmingham Sound Matter

Amon Tobin-kitchen sink from folley room

Spring Heel Jack- Mass from music for the glasgow...

Wang Changcun- King of Image 1995 from The mountain swallowing sadness

Machinefabriek- ljspret1 from iJspret

Luc Ferrari- Unheimlich Shön from Unheimlich Shön

Monolake- Watching Clouds from Silence

Seaworthy- Branch and Stone From Near And Faraway

Dale Lloyd- Our Morphosis from A Cleansing Ascension

Sinclair- flashback_scooter from le premier du reste de ta

Steve Roden and brandon Labelle- soon has he from The house was quiet and the world was calm

sylvain_chauveau-je_suis_vivant_et_vous_tes_morts from the lack book of capitalism

Scott Sherk- Surf reprise from Icelandic Air

heribert_friedl_converge from converge

yves de mey - lichtung from lichtung

Vvm-thedeathofrave_105 from The death of the rave


Mix its created all in hard disk with a "No Cue" concept realtime methodology. No Overdubs
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