Djitter No Cue Slice Mix 2016

Djitter "No Cue Mix 2016"

This time i use this releases.
Not in this order.
Created at Tronar Studio. Iriepal (Spain) December 2015.
Giuseppe Ielasi/Kassel Jaeger: "Parallel Grayscale"
Nicholas Bullen: "Component Fixations"
Wolfgang Voigt: "Rückverzauberung 10 / Nationalpark"
Kevin Drumm: "Quiet Nights"
Howard Stelzer: "Bond Inlets"
Stephen Comford: "Binatone Galaxy"
Frank Bretschneider: "Modular Deviations Compilation"
Jason Lescalleet: "Fantasy and Electricity"
Russell Haswell/Painjerk "Electroacoustic Sludge-Dither Transformation Smear Grind..
Hideaki Samada: "Intransitive Twenty three Compilation"
JGrzinich/ Seth Nehil: "Confluence"
Lionel Marchetti: "Knud Un Nom De Serpent"
Eselshor: "Pause Peuls"
Andrew Pekler: "Cover Versions"
Attila Faravelli: "Stereo Recordings"
Steinbruchel: "Parallel Landscapes"
Adam Asnan: "Inconsistent Images"
Larsen and Z'ev: "In V.Tro"
Valerio Tricoli/Thomas Ankersmit: "Forma II"
Florian Hecker/Mark Leckey: "Sound Voice Chimera"
Janek Schaefer: "Various EP"
Andrew Pekler: "The Prepared Piano and Re-Played"
Jgrzinich: "Phase Inversion"
Fennesz: "Becs"
RS (Rehberg Schmikler): "Usa"
Phillip Jeck: "Cardinal"
Helena Gough: "With what Remains"
Music in the world of Islam:Vol1- The Human Voice/Lutes
Jorje Vivario: "Four Movements for Elastic Tape"
Joshua Bonnetta: "American Colour"


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