No Cue  Mix 57 b
          d a t e : 2016
        g e n r e : Mixes, Recombinations
   Dic 2016
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     Playlist:   Artist, track, Album

01  Ann Deveria - Patio De Luz- Neblina Comp vol 4

02  Coeval - Retrato de una Fabrica de Cemento- Leaden Sieves

03  Peter kutin, florian kindlinger & christine kubisch - Absense -  Decomposition i-iii (Ventil-records, 2015)

04  Gabriel Pascal- Early Words (1980-1989) - (Reductivemusic)

05  Peter Kutin- Dyade- Menora (Karate Joe)

06  Zbigniew Karkowski & Francisco López - Turnoff (Noiseasia)

07  Aphex Twin- Track 01- Or Compilation (OR)

08  Thomas Brinkmann - E-Bar- Tokio Plus 1 (Max.e)

09  Russel Haswell- Convalescence- ·7 Minute workout- (Diagonal)

10  Dave Phillips- Agitated Unfilled Extended Geometric Figure Made Of Ersatz Substance- (Alku)

11 Yanick Dauby - Bruissements - Andrei Tarkovsky  Another Kind Of Language (And/OAR)

12  Josh Russell-objets- Andrei Tarkovsky  Another Kind Of Language (And/OAR)

13  Pan Sonic- Part 8 - Atomin Paluu- (Blast First Petite)

14 The Automatics Group - Auto 17C- Auto 17- (OR)

15 Surgeon- Not Two- Breaking The Frame LP- (Dynamic Tension)

16 Opopop- Track 6- Caro De Computar (e.m.s.s. vol. 3 (remix of vol.2)

17 Keith Rowe- Scratch Music -City Music For Electric Guitar (Table of Elements)

18 Giuseppe Ielasi & Andrew Pekler- Vegas+ oga - Holiday for Sampler (Planam)

19  Yasunao Tone- Jiao Liao Fruits- Musica Iconologos (Lovely Music ltd)

20 Dale Lloyd- Untitled-  Organisms (For Rolf Julius And John Hudak) (And/OAr)

21 Oren Ambarchi, Kassel Jaeger, James Rushford- Pale- Pale Calling (Black Truffle)

22 Christian Marclay - Untitled- Record without a cover (Recycled Records)

23 Zev- Alef -Rhythmajik (SmallVoices)

24 Takahiro Kawaguchi- Skit 1 -S-T (Senufo editions)

25 Rioji Ikeda- test pattern #0010- Test pattern (raster-noton)

26 Toshiya Tsunoda, Civyiu Kkliu -Fragments For Stereophony- Untitled (Bremsstrahlung)

27 Gavin Bryars, Alter Ego, Philip Jeck - The Sinking of the Titanic (Touch)

Mix its created all in hard disk with a "No Cue" concept realtime methodology. No Overdubs
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