ForBitten Tronics Day 4

ForBitten Tronics Day 4

Impro Live set
Darío Moratilla + Krapoola + Noish + Xedh


Tronicdisease is a small booking agency founded in 2004 in Madrid to promote live acts in the electronic and experimental music field, trying also to give opportunities to local musicians as well as DJs and VJs.

conciertos organizados por tronicdisease, comenzando por los artistas que actuaron en el ForBitten Tronics Day del 12/12/2009 en El Planeta de los Wattios (Madrid). Próximamente iremos añadiendo más conciertos para que podáis escuchar.

We open this blog with the audio files from the artists that played live in the past ForBitten Tronics Day celebration at El Planeta de los Wattios (Madrid, Spain) on 12/12/2009, organized jointly by aMor/Discos and tronicdisease.

Our intention is to upload other recordings from tronicdisease gigs in the blog in the near future…

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